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Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands and is a surf paradise with hundreds of people coming to surf Fuerteventura each week.  Often named as Europe’s answer to Hawaii, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge in a multitude of surf based water sports including surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing, paddle boarding and body boarding.  Fuerteventura surf is known for taking advantage of the large Atlantic swells that cause this world class surf, predominantly along the north and northwest coasts of the island.  The larger swells can wrap around the top of the island, reaching northeast and east coastlines providing at worst some awesome waves for beginners to surf here in Fuerteventura.

Surfcamp Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura surf schools and surfcamps in Fuerteventura offer lessons for beginners and intermediate level surfers. Lessons can be multi day sessions that aim on improving your surfing basics and making you a better surfer; these surf schools/surfcamps are ideal for beginners to learn and become a more capable surfer.  Surfcamps in Fuerteventura include such things as overnight accommodation, meals, the surf lessons and all the tuition and equipment that you will need to get the most out of your surf session.  Most lessons begin on the beach with instructors showing beginners the very basics. Then they set off into shallow waters to pick up the fundamentals before moving on. If you are looking for more information on surfcamp Fuerteventura then take a look at the “Surf Schools Fuerteventura” page where you will find a few of the Fuerteventura surfcamps.

surf school fuerteventura

Surf School Fuerteventura

There are many well known and popular surfing areas and also several hidden and secret surf spots along the coast lines of Fuerteventura with waves varying from beginner level to the more advanced wave rider, resulting in a wave that suits all levels of surf ability.  Top waves can be found on excellent reef breaks as well as beach breaks often surfed by top class riders, in contrast in Corralejo there are plenty of Fuerteventura surf schools that offer daily courses for all capabilities and this includes insurance and all necessary equipment, So surf in Fuerteventura caters for everyone, which means going with a surf school Fuerteventura is always a great idea.  Surfing, which ever variation chosen, is an absolute must when visiting or living in Fuerteventura; it is a great way to enjoy the beautiful natural environment and increase your level of fitness and improve your physique.

Flag Beach Fuerteventura

One very popular surf spot is Flag Beach Fuerteventuras prettiest sandy beach. This surf spot is a great place to learn but can often be very busy with other tourists and residents looking to enjoy the sandy beach that are Las Grandes Playas. Fuerteventura’s surf season is mainly split in two, an autumn into winter season and then a spring into summer season, although Fuerteventura generally has all year round good surfing conditions.  Surfing in Fuerteventura benefits from a generally non crowded areas, excellent reef breaks and powerful but clean waves.  Fuerteventura’s often strong winds can sometimes however, cause messy waves.   The main factors to consider in a good, safe and enjoyable surf session in Fuerteventura are size of swell, wind direction and strength.

El Cotillo Beaches Fuerteventura

Similarly to the east cost beaches Las Grandes Playas, El Cotillos beaches are beautiful white sandy surf spots from heaven. The paradise like beaches are home to some of the best waves on the Island. With superb waves in the front for beginners and crazy big surf in the back the Cotillo beaches should be your first stop after touching down.

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