Fuerteventura Surf Mind and Body

Fuerteventura Surf Mind and Body

Surfing in Fuerteventura as a hobby, sport or dedication can be a real source of harmonic wellbeing for many reasons that promote both a healthy mind and body.

Fuerteventura Surf Mind and BodyFirstly the environment in which you surf is a major benefit to your mind and body.  Fuerteventura has an outstanding environment with gorgeous white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters.  There is nothing better than the rejuvenating effect of mother earth and the power of the ocean waves.  Experiencing natural environments can relieve tensions through simple pleasures sensations such as being bare foot on the warm sand, feeling the refreshing breeze o your face or feeling the waves on your body.  Fresh air and a degree of sun exposure that surfers experience have numerous benefits to the human body too.

Secondly surfing is an active sport and not only helps you towards achieving a dream body but also creates a positive mental attitude through dedication and enthusiasm for an activity.  Feel the stresses of every day life float away with the tide as surfing the waves allows you to escape and develop a clear mind.  Surfing as an activity in Fuerteventura is very accessible due to beginner boards and surf schools or surf camps catering for first time surfers.

Surfing regularly helps build muscles and all over body toning from upper body and arms from paddling, through to core muscles groups in the back and abdominal region from maintaining balance and stance.  In addition to muscle strengthening and toning, surfing is a great cardiovascular work out which aids the immune system and over time builds stamina.

Overall surfing is an activity in an environment that stretched the abilities of the mind and body allowing you to feel fitter and younger in body, spirit and passion.

There are many surf schools and surf camps in Fuerteventura that are ideal for learning to surf whether you have never taken to the waves before or whether you want to master your techniques in riding waves, paddling and pop-ups.

So think of Surfing in Fuerteventura next time you want to relieve stress and rejuvenate your mind and body.



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