Fuerteventura Surfcamp Experience

Fuerteventura Surfcamp Experience

What should you expect from your Fuerteventura Surfcamp experience?  Well, Fuerteventura is the second largest of the islands that make up the Spanish Canary Islands.  Located just of the north west coast of Africa, Fuerteventura has much to boast about from beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise water to a hot climate.  In addition to this are some awesome waves, for all levels of surfer from beginner through intermediate and advanced!

Fuerteventura Surfcamp ExperienceFuerteventura is often referred to as Europe’s answer to Hawaii, the birthplace of surfing, and it is easy to see why!  Fuerteventura surf can be found in white water, green waves and even more advanced waves, all along reef breaks, beach breaks and point breaks.  Fuerteventura has many surf locations set in a beautiful environment, going with a surfcamp will mean that you have the opportunity too visit some of the great surf spots and often in style – fancy off-roading in a 4×4?  Well the surfschools and surfcamps here all have a variety of 4×4’s and vehicles to get you to the best breaks (and seeing some amazing scenery along the way).

Surfing is easily accessible to anyone irrelevant of age, gender or even fitness level!  Surf schools even do great deals for families too.  Another great thing about Fuerteventura is the all year round weather and waves.  Larger waves are more prominent during the winter months, but generally speaking you can surf and even learn to surf all year round!

There is no better way than to experience surf life than to go surfing with a surfcamp.  A surfcamp environment promotes interacting between others, whereby you will meet new people from around the world with whom you will have a shared interest.  Socialise surfer-style with shared living, arranged beach barbeques, nights out and parties, even full moon surfing experiences and visits to the shapers workshops to see how board manufacturing is done.

The Fuerteventura Surfcamp experience goes so much further than just teaching you to surf, but of course full tuition, guidance and coaching by qualified and friendly surf instructors is included.  Some schools even offer state of the art video analysis of your surf session!

You will definitely find a new passion in life when you stay with a surfcamp in Fuerteventura, and the great thing is many European destinations are just a short and cheap flight away making surfing here an affordable holiday and a regular hobby! 


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